Cutting Diary 12/13/16

My whole left side stings. It’s keeping me from floating off and away. Keeping me real. 

I cut my thigh. My arm. Up and down. I didn’t count them. I just… Kept going until the song Anakin’s Betrayal ended. Now I’m lying in bed listening to all of my music in the dark. Shaking. Shaking as I type on my phone. Waiting for Aunna to get home. I look like a real mess. 

I’m trying to cry but instead I bleed. Bleeding my sorrow out I guess. Clense me of pain and make me real. 

Make me real


2 thoughts on “Cutting Diary 12/13/16

  1. You’ve always been real, there are people who know how you feel. You’re not alone. Just remember that anytime that you feel like you’re not real you can seek help. There’s always help, even if you feel like there isn’t any. Remember that there are hotlines that can help. You are not alone….


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