Spilled Tea: Poetry by Icarus Part I


Memories caressed his lips
The lies made her sick
They spilled from her hands
Falling stars from the midnight blue
She blinked, tears sparkled down.
The universe had always been inside.
From there he started to rot
Infection spread and the universe went dim
Her flowers wilted, the leaves changed and fell.
He won’t bring her spring, in love with death
Shattering the laws of nature. Breaking clocks.
All of this for her.
To live the lie he told her


Here lies the wolf
I scratch at the marks his teeth have made
I itch for the pressure
The release that comes with pain
I don’t know who was the sire but I know all of you
The questioning jackals waiting for the meat to peel from my bones
Burst me open, I glitter above
The stars in our sky move for me
You wish to squeeze it out
I was never really good at sharing
Fear colors your eyes Darkens my spirit
I devoured all that was ever good
Communion from me and choke on the ink
The wolf arises
Fights my dragon
And the flames claim the galaxy
Stars now lay at my feet
I am Atlas and I stand tall!

I’m a Thing

Peeling my skin back
Free my moon light
The magic and science no longer hiding.
Recharge and breath
My light is back
Time to run

Impression here in the void of humanity. Empty lies. Fabricated realities. Life is now the machine.

The cold metal has become warm
The simple functions give us life
No more dimmed eyes. Sparkling lights that call on the souls.

They give us meaning. Helping us to belong. I’ve only dipped myself into the sunshine to bring luck.

Skills fine tuned and functions name.
Life of a robot would fix my head

Can you hurt a machine?

Spread apart
Exposed to your capable fingers
Caress buttons

Gasping and squirming
Cry and scream

Filled deeply. Invasive

Love Isn’t Hard

On the edge of reality
Ready to fall please don’t catch me
My safety net at the bottom knows what it’s doing
Your words and actions tempt and push
These bullet wounds are septic in your care
down here at the bottom I can bleed out to nothing
Replace my cells with faerie dust
Dead in your world, alive in mine
The only way I know how to survive

I asked for help and you didn’t move and now you mock me for never going to you
I needed comfort and instead you judged
I’m not asking for you to understand why or how or who I am

I just want it unconditionally

I’m not hard to love stop pretending that I am
I’m not hard to love stop pretending that I am
I’m not hard to love stop pretending that I am
I’m not hard to love stop pretending that I am

Accept my make believe


Thrill of the hunt with the crack of bones
Popped blood vessels paired with moans
No better aphrodisiac than the smell of fear
To see you tremble, your end is near
Beg me for your life, no collateral
No friends, no allies, crushing skulls.

Beg me for your life.
The hunter’s lullaby.


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